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Re: When Will I get a Job?

sag-jup badhaka for gemini asc,
jup placed 6th house for work-challenges-extra efforts-disease etc

mars-rahu over 5th delays in luck-education-romance-children-position;
mars lord 6th negating to 5th negating employment;
mars-rahu libra temperamental, stormy temper when provoked;
prayers for ancestors, observe fast Amavasya evenings,
observe death anniversaries religiously;
wear brown gomedh over pendant touching heart;
rahu now transit clouding moon gemini ascendant;

natal ketu aries 11th, hyper-impulsive;
detachment from income-gains-friendships;
pain-injury-surgery arms-shoulders-ears-head etc;

jup-sat-ketu now transit badhaka sag 7th,
pain-injury-surgery, detachment in relationship/marriage/vocation;
jup transit own sag growth through advisory roles under stress-delays;

light til oil diya for Ganesha daily mornings;

hope enables understand, share feedbacks,

wishing well, kshantaram
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