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Thank you so much for your wonderful reading. Are there indications of success within being a filmmaker (director/writer of films) - such is my current path. I'm interested if there are Any indication of Box office success (films generating money in the theatre). specifically horror films.

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Hi !!
I recast the details into a vedic chart and a basic reading is as follows :

From time to time , the soul needs a break from all the hardships and selects a life whereby a person relaxes and rests to 'take a break'. In the process, he gives a much needed break to the others also , helps them enjoy life and makes it worth living.
This lifetime may be one such. If you believe in reincarnation, then your previous life may have been quite difficult.
Your Rahu Ketu Axis is from Scorpio Jyestha (the eldest spiritual one) to Taurus Rohini ( the reddish handsome one, star of growth).
When you said 'actor' i was looking for the star Rohini and there it was.. in the 9th house Rahu. The 3rd to 9th house life path may be to leave dependency on others, conserve oneselves resources/ energies and project it for the enjoyment of others.
Ascendant Virgo U.Phalguni is a person on whom people depend for 'nurturing'..maybe you could open an acting school later in life for nurturing youngsters(just random thinking).Or maybe a foray into hospitality industry.
Period from 2008 to 2015 was Ketu Mahadasha which resulted in intense 'enquiry within' understand the 'Big Picture' ha ha. This dasha was until 29/08/2015 after which Venus Maha Dasha starts which will help you project your core abilities and continues well upto 29/06/28, peaking in 2025.
Overall a very pleasant chart. Any specific queries?
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