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Re: Can you see or explain why I'm emotionally breaking down all the time lately?

Your chart signals aloneness, a tendency to isolate the self. It's part of who you are. Notice that I said "part of".

Cancer rising: highly emotional, sensitive. Timid, shy, reclusive. Fears criticism from others; dissimulating, expert at camouflage. Probable issues dealing with home and family, mother, nurture and dependence. Mystical, universal. Concern with rainy days; thrifty or frugal. Hard shell protects sensitive interior.

Moon, Mistress of Cancer, is Lady of the Horoscope. She is in Scorpio, sign of her Fall, and closely conjunct Pluto, who has standing in that sign. Both are in square Saturn. What we saw at the Asc is powerfully repeated here. Deep problems with a controlling mother, feelings that you were in a life and death struggle. You protect yourself by burying your feelings.

But your feelings are not dead; they're still kicking. As you know.

The coming Saturn return will shed light on what isn't working. Right now Neptune stands atop Mars. In general, you may act in irrational and self defeating ways, may abandon things you know to be important, feel deeply discouraged, lack energy and drive. Efforts at self-assertion are apt to be subverted by yourself or others.

Circle your wagons and wait this transit out.

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