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Hi everyone,

Beginner astrologer here. I recently began to look deeper into the roles of the houses and I appear to have many "unfortunate" placements, though it's quite possible I got this wrong. However, implications about my health and death really concerned me, especially as my family has a long history of illness. How overly pessimistic am I being? Additionally, what is the best way to utilise the information astrology provides? Knowing you need to change but not knowing how (especially when your chart says you have low energy and 5 fixed signs) can be quite difficult and overwhelming.

Thank you for reading! Everything should be accurate, including my time of birth (11.31am).
Chart being discussed is a Day Chart so Sun is sect leader of the sect in favor
Jupiter and Saturn are also of the sect in favor and are Suns co-sectarians
in this particular chart
Mercury rises after Sun and therefore is a Nocturnal planet
Mercury is not of the sect in favor

Jupiter and Saturn, although of the sect in favor
are better placed above horizon in a day chart
but being below the horizon neither Jupiter nor Saturn is well placed

Jupiter however is strongly placed in an angular house from the ascendant
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