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Re: What in someone's chart would make them generally attractive

Usually a Venus ruled ascendant with Venus trine the ascendant will show great beauty. Usually that would mean the asc ruler in the 5th house trine asc (a dexter aspect). I have also seen beauty in this configuration no matter what the ruler of ascendant is. Then again Neptune on asc can be very glamorously deceptive beauty too. And what about the asteroid Vesta? Vesta on the ascendant can play with narcissitic themes where outwardly beauty is most important to the person. Because beauty is in the eye of the beholder (has anyone said this yet?) any planet of configuration that connects to physicality/appearance quite possibily will be attractive to someone else.

Attractiveness could be in intellectual ways, or perhaps sexual, aggressiveness, competitiveness, passiveness, traditional, fashionable or many other different combinations.

What do you like? Where is the 7th ruler and what it doing? Where is Vesta and what are the planets in the 1st house and how might they be attractive to other people? Getting an understanding on how these type of planets work can be very helpful to finding and keeping the right relationships.

Those 1st house signs, rulers and planets will have good and not so good expressions through personality. For instance ones physical attractiveness may also be a mask for more genuine qualities underneath. If those more genuine qualities are ignored, the outwardly attractiveness is not enough to maintain the relationship on deeper levels.

I have 7th ruler Mars in Gemini, the 1st house. Maybe others are attracted to compete with me, get angry with me? Well, that might be the way its worked for years in relationships however these days it is more about the transference I encounter from others. I aint no punching bag even if that is what may be attractive to others in my life. What are you attractive for?

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