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Re: Physical Appearance/Sex Appeal in a Natal Chart?

Beauty can be expressed through the chart in many ways. Here's a few random fairly diverse examples in no particular order:
  • Sophie Turner has an Aries Ascendant with her Moon and Venus near the ascendant. Also has Sun conjunct Mars.
  • Rachel Riley has Sun/Venus conjunction in Capricorn. Gives her a kind of understated wholesome attractiveness many people are fond of. Also has Venus trine Mars.
  • Jessica Jane Clement has a delicateness with Sun trine Neptune but all her planets eventually dispose to a Venus/Mars conjunction in Aries which creates a dynamic contrast.
  • Natalie Dormer is an interesting one. She's rather unusual looking but widely considered attractive. She's got Venus in Capricorn square Mars/Saturn in Libra which is a mutual reception. Her Venus square Saturn is a small orb as well.
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