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Re: Physical Appearance/Sex Appeal in a Natal Chart?

Originally Posted by love-thinking View Post
I felt the need to comment again simply because I've made new observations.

For pure sex appeal and magnetism, one has to have a strong venus, neptune and pluto. This is absolutely crazy sexy. They will not always be the most aesthetically appealing but their appearance will definitely give off something of an "outerworldly" nature and people will naturally be attracted to that. Know a guy who has a stellium in scorpio, with sun conjunct pluto, and venus and the man has his moon conjunct neptune and there's this magnetism about him I just can't explain.

Aesthetically pleasing people has to have a strong mars placed well for a good body and the body will even be more beautified if mars conjuncts pluto, is in scorpio, or even has an easy aspect with pluto. If you look around you, many people have pretty faces but with the obesity epidemic, how many libras and tauruses walking around do you actually see with a nice body who could have been "hot" if they didn't have such unhealthy eating habits? So honestly Mars is really important.

But mars doesn't indicate the face. Just the body. For face, again ascendent, sun and maybe moon if you were born during the night.
What if someone has strong Pluto, Neptune, and Mars(for a woman), including Mars sextile Pluto and Sun trine Pluto, but not as much Venus? Although my Venus aspects my Jupiter, MC, and AC. I get a little insecure about the fact I don't have as much Venus energy as I do Pluto and Mars, but my moon probably makes up for it as far as being femine
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