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Re: 5 planet stellium 11th house.

Sun-moon-jup-venus gemini 11th,
aptitude for business advisory services, information technology,
western classical instrumental music, pharma analytics, etc,
gains from corporates, govt, social elite, teachers, gurus, consultants;

jup aspect own sag 5th, jup lord 9th for luck over 11th for gains;
supportive of luck-education-romance-children-advisory position;

Retro Mer taurus 10th, creative writings/communications;
mer lord 11th negating to 10th, gains through career
but negating friendships/relationship;

Sat lord 7th negating to cap 6th, negating marriage-relationship;
lords 1/7 sun-sat over gemini-cap 6/8, unfriendly signs, relationship at conflict;

sat-mars opp, health-employment-career-relationship under stress-struggle;
sat own cap 6th, aptitude for event management, civil engg, mining etc;
mars debilated cancer 12th, aptitude for marine engg etc,
and anemic health, heart-lungs-feet inflammations etc;
mars 10th lord for career debilated;
wear red coral over copper pendant touching heart;

ketu separative SNode leo 2nd, high self-pride,
detachment from family-finances,
pain-injury-surgery throat-thyroid-teeth-heart-stomach etc;
prayers to Christ, offer red flowers at the alter at home sun mornings;

jup-sat-ketu now transit sat-cap 6th,
pain-injury-surgery, knees, intestinals etc,
coping with opponents, accident prone,
job separation;

rahu NNode transit mars-cancer 12th, toxic health issues;
natal rahu acq 8th, toxic health issues;

rahu year-end move to stellium gemini 11th,
gains from foreigners; toxic health issues to care;

hope enables reflect and pick ideas as relevant,
share how true traits-talents-health-life trends-remedies etc

wishing well, kshantaram
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