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Originally Posted by muchacho View Post
Relationships are forever. Even if you cut off contacts you'll still have all those memories that can be triggered any moment by all kinds of things. So I'd say in the long run, your wish is very reasonable. But right now, you probably are better off if you are avoiding him for a while until you regain your balance.

Looking at the synastry (whole sign houses), he triggers your 6th and 8th which would make it a very difficult relationship, but also a potentially deep one. Your ASC's are incompatible as are your Suns. Which means your relationship is not only potentially troublesome but also very dynamic. But your Moons are in trine. So, not an easy relationship. Definitely one with lots of personal growth opportunities.
Thank you for your reply. I am feeling better now. Recovering day by day and now waiting for my true soul mate.

Thanks once again.
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