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Re: Hi everyone

Hi. Yes I get Pluto exactly rising, with Mars sesquiquadrate both Ascendant and Pluto. Mars is very interesting in this chart because it makes biquintiles to the Mercury Venus conjunction and to Uranus, and is also opposite the Mercury/Uranus and Venus/Uranus midpoints. Some house systems would put Mars in the 8th house, which is traditionally associated with violent death. Mercury Mars Uranus is a common configuration where accidents happen.

Using a 45 degree midpoint sort, we get


all within one and a half degrees.

Neptune and Chiron bring the Saturn Pluto Ascendant configuration together with the Mercury Venus Sun stellium:


again, all within one and a half degrees.

And also adding to the prominence of the ASC Saturn Pluto configuration at that time and place is:

True freedom and the end of suffering is living in such a way as if you had completely chosen whatever you feel or experience at this moment.

Eckhart Tolle, Stillness Speaks, page 118
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