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Re: Hi everyone

Hi. Transiting Pluto is at 9 Capricorn so has been transiting your Ascendant (conjunction) and is still within a degree or so. When it retrogrades back towards your Ascendant it will be joined by transiting Uranus which is in Aries. So the transiting square of Uranus and Pluto will powerfully aspect your Ascendant, most intensely during the Summer. Your natal Jupiter and meridian axis will also be triggered, especially when transiting Uranus and Pluto make more exact square aspects around 11 degrees of their respective signs over the next year or so. They will also approach aspects to your Nodal axis. All this will be happening over the next couple of years.

Transiting Neptune has been square your Sun from the end of Aquarius, but now it has moved permanently into Pisces.

Transiting Saturn will make two more squares to your natal Moon in April and August (it already made one end Nov/beginning Dec 2011).
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