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Re: Help me: advice for master degree

Dear @creativei, I really appreciate your analysis. Thank you so much. May I ask you more question?
You said it right, I do really want to pursue a PhD, but to do that I need to polish my research skill. That is the reason I want to pursue a MSc abroad. We do not have such detail and specialized course program and very limited access to research in this area of study in my country.
Actually in 2015 I went to the best Uni here for my master degree, I graduated, but it didn't satisfy me. I didn't get support and being discouraged a lot by my program director to switch to other research area because mine is difficult to complete. It's impossible to give up and leave this program so I listened to him and I regretted it. I didn't even come to my grad ceremony because it was too upsetting and I felt like I didn't deserve the title because I did it half-heartedly.

What do you think I should do? Do I really have no chance to pursue my master abroad? I am really nervous about my future. I do not want to give up my dream. Am I being too ambitious here?

Thank you for helping me.

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