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Re: Help me: advice for master degree

Higher education aspects are nice mars as 2nd and 9th lord placed in 8th it denotes many things from legal to medical it may give many things since second house is speech it gave speech related course . 8th house is research work too you have desire to dig deep in your studies even you can phd too planets are favorable for that . Jupiter aspecting 9th house is very good it makes you versatile genius . but there will be obstacles in your studies but you will make it sure . as per your chart you do professional course education is directly related to your work , only few are lucky in that . either you get into teaching line or medicine line but probably its teaching since you mastered languages you may employed in school for special children those who have speech problems . MSc in Childhood Speech is best to take . reg abroad i wont say you go abroad but you may take course within the country . abroad chances are less . but professionally you take many abroad journeys . you complete higher studies before 2025 your venus dasa exists till that after that sun dasa gives good take in career sudden things happens related to career and father . next moon dasa is even it will be golden period of your life .. .

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