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Smile Re: which neptune & uranus house placements more prone to escapism?

Originally Posted by Witchyone View Post
Where is that from?

It's from a new pattern I'm deciphering, little by little. It's based primarily on the transtions from Sign to Sign, in direct motion, using the Modalities and Elements. Although it has major differences from both Trad and standard Mod, it has similarities also. I'm working on a table of Dignities. In the pattern, the Moon is the "Motivator" for Pisces, and the Sign it rules () is Catalytic to the ongoing transition from Pisces to Aries. Notice that has the same Element as Pisces and the Modality of Aries. It works that way around the circle of the tropical Zodiac, with a number of different categories included, Motivator/Catalyst being one of them.
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