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Re: which neptune & uranus house placements more prone to escapism?

Originally Posted by david starling View Post
Moon in Pisces: Sense of Purpose, Motivational
Where is that from?

"Workaholics" escape through work activity. They usually get admired for it, but it can wreak emotional havoc on family relationships. Even leisure activity, like golf and other physical games are escapist. It's usually applied only to using mood altering substances, and/or just chilling and "doing nothing". Here's one--is meditation a type of escape?
I guess it depends on what is real.

If the rat race is real, then meditation is an escape from it. If it's manufactured activity to keep us from noticing we're all about to die, then you could say meditation slows us down to the only moment that we know is real, the current one. The past is just a memory, and the future might not come.
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