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Re: Is my chart unlucky?

Originally Posted by unique_astrology View Post
Your chart does not make your life. You make choices that will determine how you express the chart aspects. You say you have to strive hard for things. I think that when you get them, you really get them and you really appreciate them.

If the charts determined a life path there would have been any number of Hitlers, Ted Bundys, Marilyn Monroes,or any famous or infamous personalities you can think of all through history.

You have many tight aspects in your chart. To me this says you have strong potential to be expressed in any field you choose. You will be noticed. Make good choices. Do no harm.

Your progressed Sun is conjunct your natal Jupiter.

Best to you from me.
Omg. What a gladdening comment! I missout my progress sun and natal jupiter conjunction. I hope it will be a nice year. Thank you so much, and best wishes!
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