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Smile Re: which neptune & uranus house placements more prone to escapism?

Originally Posted by ardentika View Post
Escapism is a weird concept. All people do escape reality in a certain way regardless of positions. Some read books, others watch movies or play sports. Some practice meditation, whatever it is, its not a bad thing. I don't know why escapism gained such a negative meaning. It's just detaching to regain strength. It's anoter thing that some people live in illusions but thats their reality and is very real to them so who are we to say whats escaping, whats real and what not.

I have Neptune and Uranus conjunct 12th hiuse cusp, and I've always had very realistic and prophetic dreams. Since an early age I was faced with invisible enemies (12th H) such as dark entities, and I do believe they are very real. Sometimes I get visits from dead people when I talk to someone close who lost a loved one, but it happens not too often. Basically this position of NE and UR opens my mind to the non physical realm a lot for good and bad. One could say this is my "escapism" from the 3 dimensional reality.
What we're "escaping" are the required scheduling and required activities of a dominating, materialistic social order, which is often out of synch with our own, personal preferences, abilities, and bio-rhythms. As you say, NOT taking time out for oneself can be very injurious to one's own mental and physical health. The problem is when the MEANS of "escape" becomes so obsessive and/or debilitating, that those social requirements become absolutely impossible to meet, and can in itself have serious health-repercussions.
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