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Re: which neptune & uranus house placements more prone to escapism?

I have unaspected first house Neptune and Sun/A.C. ruler, Jupiter, in Pisces. I can't honestly get the direct correlation to drugs (It seems much more Mars/Mercury correlated directly to drugs). Mercury being connected with Neptune in the 6th house (depending on the sign and house system) sounds like prone to substance issues. Escapism is most definetly Pisces and Neptune, my grandma is a tropical and sidereal Pisces she uses books to escape. I have a Mars mercury partile sextile (mercury angular in Scorpio, mars exalted in Capricorn), I use various things to relive stress (drink, smoke, sex,etc) however I use the stars, water, music, and spirituality to escape reality.

I am an empath and despite my Sun and Moon signs [sag and leo] I am a Pisces at the deepest level (could be my Lord of geneture/Sun and A.C. ruler in Pisces that does this). To get away from feeling everything too much I up and leave for her if moments, I go elsewhere to stay sane.
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