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Re: Indicators of (sexual) abuse in natal chart

I am still learning a bit, so I can only use my experiences with sexual abuse (and relate it to what I think causes it/my own knowledge of astrology).

I was molested by my mother's boyfriend when I was a child during my parents' splitting up. That's my experience with sexual abuse, and it's the only experience I've had in my life.

As far as aspects and such go, my moon (gemini; 12th house) opposes chiron (sagittarius; 6). I also have Neptune in the 8th house which squares the Sun. My 8th house is in Capricorn (which may represent how much older he was than me). My moon opposes mars as well (again, mars in the 6th house). Here's my chart in case anyone wants to look @ it:
my chart for examination.PNG
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