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Re: Indicators of (sexual) abuse in natal chart

Originally Posted by demetraceres View Post
And experienced astrologers mentioned here Moon-Chiron hard aspect - I would logically believe it and I am also the owner of this aspect.
demetraceres, your Chiron-Moon relationship is the sextile, which is not considered a hard aspect.

I have a trine between Chiron-Moon, and whilst the abuse heaped on me in childhood was not (technically) sexual, it was definitely as a result of my gender. I was on the receiving end of severe physical and verbal/emotional abuse at the hands of 2 of my 3 older brothers, and when I told my mother (I was around the age of 4, and my brothers were all of primary school age) my mother simply told me to stay away from them. "You know what they're like', was all she said. No punishment or warnings were handed out, and as a result, my belief became that it is OK for males to abuse me, and that is what I can expect from life.

Living through this continued harrassment, and then when older, stepping away from it, and seeing the bigger picture - i.e. a dominating, insecure father at the top of the family pyramid - has helped me to transcend this pattern.

My belief is that those with the `softer' Chiron-Moon relationships - i.e. sextile and trine - will be more likely to get through it and not be forever damaged by it. To do this requires persistence, honesty, and a deep belief in oneself.

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