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Re: Indicators of (sexual) abuse in natal chart

Originally Posted by demetraceres View Post
I know we always have to see the whole picture and the whole chart. It's not my intention to search for all the indicators in the natal chart. I just wanted to share a little piece of this interesting writing about Neptune (I have Neptune in the eighth house aspecting Mars). Otherwise I would be glad if others would contribute any other experiences with any other placements in the chart.

There are some interesting points in this writing about personality traits that Neptune in the eighth house could develope and could attract abuse (I can relate much to these traits, mostly in my past):

- blurred lines in intimate relationships
- a tendency to allow oneself to give without setting any boundaries
- it wants to give and it honestly expects nothing in return


Blurred lines in intimate relationships are found when Neptune is in the eighth house. The rules surrounding what's given and received in the relationships are not clear and abuse is common with Neptune as the victim. In the extreme cases, this can mean sexual abuse or it can simply indicate a tendency to allow oneself to give without setting any boundaries. Neptune is sensitive, compassionate an empathetic. [edited posting over 100 words against Forum rules - Moderator]

I don't know if I agree with this. If I had to take a guess, it would mars square or opposite pluto. Both are about violence and wills being tested.
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