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Re: Indicators for (sexual) abuse in natal chart

Originally Posted by R4VEN View Post
I have studied Chiron and its influence in the chart for over 2 decades, and I would not put Chiron in the 2nd up as an indicator of sexual abuse. Where Chiron appears in the chart is an area of probable trouble/wounding, and which one's life circumstances will provide ample opportunities to be dealing with such wounds as they appear throughout life. Chiron in the 2nd house is a wound around a persons values, and they may spend a large amount of their life trying out different sets of values from which they then live their lives. Sex and money may or may not be a part of this journey.

There are no sure fire indicators of sexual abuse on a natal chart, although there are some aspects which, as has been already mentioned, can point to a person possessing a poor sense of personal boundaries (hard aspects between Neptune and Sun and/or Moon), as well as hard aspects between Pluto and the Sun/Moon. None of these are a given, but can render someone more susceptible.

As for Chiron, I have found a number of people who were sexually abused (a number of them quite severely, with accompanying physical and emotional trauma also) who have either Chiron opposition Moon, or Chiron square Moon. Most likely signs of Chiron are the water signs - Cancer, Pisces and especially Scorpio.

Unfortunately - or perhaps fortunately - there is no one-size-fits-all.

Thanks Raven, you are so wise. I have Sun square Neptune, Moon opposed Pluto and Moon conjunct Chiron in Pisces.

In my case, I was never supervised and was left alone or outright neglected for most of my childhood so I was preyed upon by molesters who were not related to me.

Pisces Moon conjunct Chiron, opposed my Uranus/Mercury/Pluto stellium is a biggie in my chart and explains alot. To top it all off I have Neptune in Scorpio forming the apex to my T squared Sun opposed Saturn. No responsible adults in my family, and my childhood was hell.

Bright spot was Neptune at the very end of house 4, spilling into the 5th I ended up having a wonderful kid who I raised to be a wonderful and most successful young adult. I raised him exactly opposite of how I was raised and am grateful for the opportunity to make the most out what began as a hellish life.

Thank you for your wise insight, Raven. I really appreciate your posts.
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