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Re: Indicators for (sexual) abuse in natal chart

Originally Posted by R4VEN View Post

As for Chiron, I have found a number of people who were sexually abused (a number of them quite severely, with accompanying physical and emotional trauma also) who have either Chiron opposition Moon, or Chiron square Moon. Most likely signs of Chiron are the water signs - Cancer, Pisces and especially Scorpio.

Unfortunately - or perhaps fortunately - there is no one-size-fits-all.
Some astrologers say only strong Chiron in the chart (angular or/and with hard and important aspects) would significantly influence life. I have unfortunately both - angular Chiron (conjunct Ascendant) squaring Moon. So my personal experiences confirm this "theory" (Chiron is otherwise in Aries).

It is interesting (and scarry) to hear hard aspects between Chiron and Moon could be connected with sexual abuse. I thought astrologers connect it more with difficult, wounding relation with mother or/and troubled motherhood or/and troubled relations with women/feminine side (but of course everything can be the consequence of abuse)

We had discussion about Chiron already on this forum - about Chiron conjunct Ascendant which is often associated with bullying - so this placement could be another possible indicator of abuse.

But as everything is connected I found the explanation of the Neptune in the 8th quite interesting due to the nature of my functioning.
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