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Re: Indicators for (sexual) abuse in natal chart

Chiron (the wound) In Taurus which represents Earthy things like; Money, Sex,
2nd rules possessions but also self esteem and self worth.

So if we look at it in regards to sex;

Some say depending on the chart this can mean the person uses sex for self worth. In other cases it could be the wound is related to sexual abuse resulting in a wound of low self esteem, and in effect being possessed as an object.

Chiron in the eighth - To me on this particular issue and I may be wrong is the suppression of desire or the idea it is taboo from a young age/ Being made to hide it. But the transcendence of that is freedom from it and helping others in this matter IE being a good sex therapist!

It all depends I guess how everything else is in the chart as well.
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