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Ptolemy's 6 Levels of Ranks

God's man

Both Luminaries Masculine. Both angular (or at least one).
Both attended by a Doryphory, oriental to the Sun and Occidental to the Moon.
[ITthe persons born then will become
kings or princes.[/I]

If only one of the Luminaries is masculine and only one of them angular then those born will become merely chieftains invested with the sovereignty or power of life and death.

"Ifthe attendant stars, the luminaries situated as last said, should be neither
in angles nor aspect the angles, the persons then born, will still enjoy
eminence, but only a limited dignity such as that of a delegated governor,
commander of an army, dignitary of the priesthood, but they will not be
invested with sovereignty."

Civil leader
"Ifneither luminary is in an angle and most ofthe attendant stars are neither
in angles, nor aspecting the angles, the native will not attain to any great
eminent rank but will take a leading part in ordinary civil and municipal

"But should the attendant stars have no configuration with the angles
(neither of the luminaries being angular), the natives will remain altogether
undistinguished and without advancement."

"If neither of the luminaries are angular nor in a masculine sign, nor
attended by any benefics, the natives are born to complete obscurity and

Lets examine a chart of a president.
Here's the chart of President Obama.

We see that both Luminaries are Masculine.
Both are angular.
Mercury is occidental and is aspecting the Moon by Sextile. It is not angular by division but it is angular by whole signs.
Venus is occidental but is not aspecting the Moon and is not angular. (So it is not in Doryphory).
Jupiter is occidental and is aspecting the Moon. Jupiter is cadent by division but angular by Sign.
Saturn is occidental and is not aspecting the Moon.

In one hand President Obama is having the testimony of being the 1st rank - God's man by the angular luminaries and both masculine; on the other side the Doryphory is not full with the fullest promise. So, the rank would be that of President (2nd). Moon is not heavily afflicted though, so the promise would keep him high on the visible status and rank.
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