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Indications of Slavery and Adversity in Natal Chart

1. Cadent Luminaries (especially in 12th and 6th house)

2. Luminaries and Benefics are low in the natal chart, especially on the IC.

3. Malefics are angular or succedent

4. Benefics are cadent

5. Dispositors of luminaries cadent or debilitated by sign
(i.e. detriment, fall) or peregrine.

6. The luminaries are afflicted

Robert Zoller:
When two or more of these conditions are present in the horoscope you are judging, the native will be someone born to adversity and low social status. In 99.9% of the cases, they will not be an actual slave in the legal sense (i.e. property owned by another human being).
When none of the above conditions are present, you have someone leading a blessed life. Usually, you will find a mixed testimony.
Here's an example.

1. Both Luminaries are cadent (in 12th!) (Yes)
2. Benefics and luminaries are not low in the figure. (No)
3. Saturn the sect malefic is Succedent in the house of Good Daimon. (Yes)
4. Benefics are not cadent. (No)
5.Dispositor of the Moon - Mercury is cadent and peregrine.
Dispositor of Sun - Venus is in Fall! (Yes)
6. Moon is afflicted by being USB and by being cadent. (Yes)

4 Yes out of 6!

Lets now look at some more happy chart.
Look at the chart of Brad Pit above.

1. Luminaries are not cadent. (No)
2. Benefics are low in the figure (Yes)
3. Saturn is cadent, Mars is succedent. (mixed).
4. Benefics are succedent and angular. (No)
5. Dispositor of Sun is angular, of Moon cadent. (mixed)
6. Luminaries are not afflicted. Sun is angular, Moon succedent and conjuncting Venus. (No)

3 No's.
2 Mixed
and 1 Yes.
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