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Re: Rank of Fame

Originally Posted by powerion View Post
if anyone wants to be kind and help the noobie out

1. Both Lights are in Masculine signs - this is excellent for rank and fame.

2. Ruler of 1st in second is good for career. Your primal motivation (Emotional Security, because of Cancer) will be established through career and work.

3. Of all the planets only Venus and Mercury are in Doryphory of the Moon. Saturn is their Almuten and Saturn is in 7th.

4. Mercury, Saturn and Venus are aspecting the Moon by Square.

To summarize.
There will be some recognition through the Moon. I would say you would be helped by Women (Moon) in your career and status.
However, there will be opposition by elder men because of the square from Saturn in 7th. These older men are strong and powerful because Saturn is in domicile.
The square between Mercury and Moon is telling me that in your younger days you will struggle finding your true passion and choice of the type of career.
The success is promised especially in the Moon Firdaria (From 2021 to 2028).
Be aware of possible secret enemies who will be disguised as business partners (Mercury, ruler of 12th in 7th).

Your Pars Hyleg is at 0Libra.
Your destiny is related to Other People and Relations.
I've seen many musicians and artists with Pars Hyleg in Libra.
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