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Originally Posted by fullmoonlibra View Post
Neptune in fifth house, and trine to Uranus (4th). Just one malefic: an opposite to Pluto in Scorpio (which is also opposite MC). I don't think that that will bring infamy........ Neptune is also trine MC
.............Neptune Capricorn...............uranus (sagi)
fwiw fullmoonlibra, here is what Omnisphericus said at the commencement of this thread
Originally Posted by Omnisphericus View Post
There are many different methods calculating the Rank of Fame in someones chart. I will try here to discuss all the methods of which I'm aware. I will start from a mix of medieval astrology method of seeing the Rank of Fame with that of Ptolemy, and than in some other post I will present some of the Hellenistic methods.
Notice there has been no mention of the outer planets thus far and there is good reason for that i.e. the outer planets were discovered only recently and therefore are unknown in Ptolemy and/or medieval astrology and most definitely the outer planets are entirely excluded as well from any of the Hellenistic methods
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