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Ptolemy's 6 Levels of Ranks

The method is of Ptolomy, but Zoller actually gives the names of each level rank.

1. "God's Man" - this is the level where in a situations of chaos, there is a man who stands bold and from God send to save the people. Something similar to the Messiah concept.

The requirements are to have masculine lights and both on angles.
Or at least one is angular and masculine, of which case all the planets are Oriental to the Sun (if it is the Sun), or Occidental to the Moon (If the Light angular happens to be the Moon). This is the principle of Doryphory.

And, if the attendant stars themselves should also be in angles, or configured with the MC, the said persons will become great, powerful and mighty in the world and even yet more abundantly so if the configuration made by the attendant stars above the Earth be dexter.

If the planets are oriental to the Sun they need to be in the following sign to it. If the Moon, in the one preceding it.

2. Chieftains/Presidents - leaders of nations.

3. Governor - this can be a governor of a state, or a chief officer in big corporation.

4. Civil Leader - these are people who would not attain some great eminent of rank, but their importance would be seen behind the scenes.

5. Undistinguished - these people are never doing something particularly above the level of ordinance.

6. Base - these people are born to suffer obscurity and adversity.


Well, Zoller in his courses changes this rule and takes as Doryphory every planet which is oriental to the Sun and in aspect with it. Vice versa with the Moon. Zoller mentions that this is step lower (as a sub-grade) in the hierarchy.

What he does to calculate the rank of a person is to make a compound Almuten of the places of the planets which are in aspect to the Lights and are oriental/occidental according to the rules.

So lets try this with the example of Brad Pit who's chart is given above in the previous post.
But before doing it I need to mention that Zoller applies the rule of orientality/occidentality such as follows:
Inferior Planets (Venus/Mercury) are Oriental when they are Behind the Sun, and Occidental when they happen to be Before the Sun.
Superior Planets are Oriental when they are Before the Sun and Occidental Behind the Sun.

Lets now look at the chart of Brad Pit and make Compound Almuten for Rank.
Venus and Mercury are oriental, all other are occidental
So, for the Oriental planets we look aspects with the Sun, for the Occidental ones, aspects with the Moon.
Venus and Mercury do not make aspects to Sun.
From the Occidental planets only Jupiter makes an aspect to the Moon.
So we would take only the Almuten of the place of Jupiter.
The Almuten is the Sun.
So, it happens to be that Sun is the Compound Almuten for Reputation.

It is interesting to notice that in his conclusion Zoller talks about why sometimes rules seem that it doesn't work.
As I understood Zoller I think he is of opinion that this is because something is terribly wrong with the whole system of hierarchy in the world we live today.
I need to re-read him again, and I will talk about this more in the later posts.

The subject is not easy to grasp, but I will try to clarify it in the following comments.

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