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Rank of Fame

There are many different methods calculating the Rank of Fame in someones chart. I will try here to discuss all the methods of which I'm aware.
I will start from a mix of medieval astrology method of seeing the Rank of Fame with that of Ptolemy, and than in some other post I will present some of the Hellenistic methods.

1. First we look at the Sun, if it is in 10th or 11th house. In lasser degree fame is indicated also by Sun being in 1st, 4th and 7th.
Sun in aspect to the MC brings fame.
Sun in succedent house and especially if it is aspecting the MC can brings fame.

This is the general indicator. It doesn't necessarily means that if you have Sun in 10th, you will be famous.
Sun is analogous for Fame, so there fore we first start examining the Sun.

The Sun in 5th cuts the fame in half (except when it is in 5th).
Sun in 5th indicates success in arts and entertainment fields.

Sun's aspects are very important. Afflicted Sun by some hard aspect with strong malefic may bring infamy.

Sun's dispositor and its relationship to the Sun is also very important. The dispositor will show the origin of the fame of the native.

The dispositor of MC and its Almuten as well the aspects to the MC, will show for what will the native gain fame, because MC represents the native's actions.

Ok, lest try this first rule of examining the rank of fame with some practical example.

Here's the chart of Brad Pit.
We can see that the Sun is angular on the AC.
This is the first indication of success.
The Sun in Sag has honor as triplicity ruler.
The ruler of Sun (its dispositor), also its Almuten is the Strong Jupiter in 4th - angular, in a sign in which is having honor of triplicity.
Divisor of the Sun (Term ruler) is Venus which makes trine to the MC with the Moon - the native will be noticed by Women.

To add:
Sun is ruler of the Lot of Fame in 28Leo.
Moon (aspecting trine to MC with Venus) is ruler of the Lot of Success in Cancer.
The Sun is not impeded by bad aspect of Malefic.
It is in Trine relationship with Jupiter and in mutual reception (Sun by exaltation in Aries).
Sun is in aspect to MC. The thing that the aspect is square does not impede the rank of fame.

As we can see, the chart of Brad Pit is having many testimonies of this first rule of the Rank of Fame.
We will examine the other methods in my next post.

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