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Re: What's up with Leo Asc/Aries MC people these days?

Well, it is true if I feel forced in situations I usually stop in my tracks. I always say I take enough **** from myself I don't need it from anyone else. I am very aware of myself and my environment. The aqua decent I never really thought about but I do feel horrible if I upset others I usually talk things out even with people who have tried to personally irritate me 2 seconds prior, gudges are things I am not good t keeping I let things out right away. One of my good friends is an Aries very much so lol oh gosh he always tests my patients lol the women Aries I have met I never found forceful in a way that bothered me, some of my best coworkers were Aries sun females. They usually would be game to play along with me at work. My Taurus coworkers always gave me headaches lol but they are great workers. I had a few Taurus guys I managed apparently I am too 'athouritative' lol.. And 2 for the guys would say my 'sterness' ways trippy cuz I switched from laid back to overly attentive very fast. I just am happy and easy going till I feel 'stepped on'. I find the aqua female suns I know very sensitive I know about 6 closely. As coworkers I would deal with the difficult or angery clients for them, couble be my sun opp mars too chiming in.

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