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Re: What's up with Leo Asc/Aries MC people these days?

L2K ~
The blessing of Leo rising is benevolence. An open heart to joy, good times and feeling goodness.
The curse? Some others aren't open to it. They want to take their bad day and make it ours. Liken it to freeway traffic. You're cruising along, enjoying a steady speed, then someone comes up on your a*ss (likely aries energies) and then engages in a pissing contest. Well, as those of us know (with Aries on MC), "Now it's on!"
Aries MC is more likely to say, "oh, yeah? are YOU talking to ME?"
Taurus MC could be master of "We can stop right here and nobody's going anywhere anytime soon."
As for the weight, Taurus is usually all muscle or all flesh. Seldom have I met up with Taurueans who are a "normal" blend of both. Lean or fat, they usually don't have an equal balance.
Leo rising KNOWS how to please. D*amn those who don't trust or wait, right? Making good with others ( think Aquarius desc.) is our goal, but when peeps cop an attitude, it's an all~out"
Likely why I used to enjoy being at the bar instead of behind it.
Taurus MC the scrilla, but not big on jumpin' to it for the masses in that combo.
Much more suited for artist mgmt. or entertainment where "it'll happen when i make it happen." When Someone Elses dime is contingent on their need for your time.
Think about it..
Progressed Venus conjunct Aries MC for me now 'til I die ( unless I live to be 90+).
I'm not inclined to wait on anyone for my dime right now.
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