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Re: What's up with Leo Asc/Aries MC people these days?

What rj I have Leo rising Taurus midheaven. I'm just pissed i gained so much weight and didn't lose it yet. I feel lost and confused by it.... My work always ***** it makes me feel trapped and suffocated. It is part time and I need money. Plus I have to get dirty at work and I hate it. It makes me get frustrated if I think about it consciously. For 3 years just getting up and out the door was a challenge but I always tell myself to be stable. If it was up to just my desire I would have quit all my jobs in a second. I pace back and forth so much at work I trip my coworkers out I get restless and hyper. I don't let my friends visit me at work cuz it depresses me not to feel free. I only feel good when there is a rush of people and we are under staffed then I wake up but if it's 1 picky person who Akers 10 minutes to order with weird wants I want to disappear, unless they are mentally ill, old, kids or delayed then I can handle it. If they are just being Controlling then I get upset. In return if people have 0 patience with me I kinda loose it with deliberately rude people. I gave a bartender lessons on service skills....... The other day at a ballet I attended, he seemed embarrassed though. I asked why he thought he could be rude to me and get away with it, my bf had to calm me down.... But not that i am violent just to tell me it was good i made my point. All the women seemed to enjoy it. Men should not be short with women.

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