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Re: What's up with Leo Asc/Aries MC people these days?

Originally Posted by MaeMae View Post
Ethertwist ~
my asc is 3'51 Leo and MC is 24'22 Aries.

MSO ~ I like that idea. Anyone else in the L.A. area?
Love that idea, MSO! I'm in the L.A. area as well, Mae Mae.

My asc is 3'41 Leo and MC is 24'01 Aries...our angles are virtually identical!

With transiting Mars soon to go retro, I think we'll see some shift in our angst, even if it means returning to an old way of earning ~ but I can't see it being long~term beneficial if we do "go backwards"
Transiting Saturn in 4th is asking us to be authentic to our core nature and comfort zones. If we don't, when Uranus gets close to MC in next 7 years, Saturn will be there, in our 7th, telling us, "That's why I told you not to sell out or give up!"

iwonder ~ thanks for this thread, truly. It's good to realize I am not alone in seeing this moose in my living room.
I'm hoping to make a job change in the coming year, so it will be interesting to see how Mars' retrograde motion might aid or impede that objective. I'm wishing Uranus was at the MC already these days, because I'm ready for major change in that area of my life!
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