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Re: What's up with Leo Asc/Aries MC people these days?

I have 29 Cancer Asc with Aries MC.

I spent years trying to determine what my next career should be. In 2007 I was all set, financially and psychologically, to make the big move, but then then the sky fell. Now it appears that all my thinking has been undone by the economic and political chaos these last four years.

What really makes me freeze up is that I've had really bad luck in everything I've done during this time frame. I've lost all my appetite for taking chances. All I have to do is lay low for another 4 years. It's only 8 lost years I can't get back. It could be worse.

I was thinking Pluto in 6th house may be the biggest trouble maker here. Yet it seems that the other outer planets, like Neptune, are working in concert as well. The timing of all these stressful alignments from the outer planets is incredible and completely overwhelming.

Originally Posted by MaeMae
my natal Mars 0' Cancer
Mine too, but it rues my 1st. Having it in the 12th can make one withdraw under stress. In 12th/cancer, the withdrawal will most likely be at home.

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