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Re: What's up with Leo Asc/Aries MC people these days?

It's strange that I came upon this topic...or maybe it's not. Maybe it's just fate.

I have been feeling, amongst other things, lost at what to do in life. I don't have a Leo Ascendant (Mine is Gemini), but I do have my MC/10th House in Aries.

I've actually been feeling really, really bad and lost for the last few years. It's up and down, but mainly down (I'm probably miserable or close to misery 90-95% of the time). However, it's probably been most prominent at the moment, in the last few weeks and months leading up to today. So I was kind of this because of something to do with the stars, or is it just my life?

I have more questions, but too many for this topic. I think I would like to get my birth chart looked at by a really professional astrologer with a good reputation, an astrologer who is really thorough in their analysis of the birth chart. I may have to post another topic about this, for now I'm going to bed.
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