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Originally Posted by VirgoMoon View Post
Yes, thatís true for me! My mom had a hard time when I was young and I picked up everything. So, the IC in the 3th house makes a lot of sense to me. In some way I think that it trained me to become good in my work (Iím also a researcher). I see/ feel behavioral patterns very quickly. Patients and other people often ask me if Iím psychic, I think I'm intuitive but mainly well-trained by observing my mom and other relatives For me it also feels true that my moon is in its joy, I think that without this placement I couldnít have coped so well with my emotions.

Would love to know what your moon sign is? If you want to share of course! Are you intuitive about your environment as well?
Aquarius Moon. I'm like you, I see changes in behavioral patterns easily. I'm always surprised that people don't notice stuff. I feel like I'm intuitive and naturally observant as well. I think my Water Ascendant and 3H Neptune also make me intuitive about my environment but too sensitive as well. If my environment is rowdy I'm all over the place.

3H Moon seems to be a really good placement actually. Very perceptive if worked at.
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