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Originally Posted by piscesmoon92 View Post
Hello, my Pisces moon is in the third house (I have lilith in the third house as well but it's not conjunct my moon and is in Aquarius. I'm still learning about that.)
Here are some of the things that may come out of my moon in the third house-
I'm very receptive to others and very emotional. I honestly cry over the simplest things. I don't know if that's the third house or the Pisces Moon in me. I like to travel around my state and within my community, I walk or bike everywhere. If I'm feeling anxious I go for a walk and instantly feel better.
Growing up I was the care taker to my mom, who was a closet alcoholic. Even so I only have good things to say about her. My brother is the older one but he's very irresponsible, others are actually surprised to learn that I'm younger. I'm very sad that my bro has changed so much and tend to remember him as a child and get emotional. He was so sweet as a kid but now has some drug and alcohol dependence issues, terrible memory, and anger issues, (The third house is tied to siblings I believe).

I moved around alot after my mom lost her house. We were sometimes living in tents or in her car. She died from cancer when I was 18. In early adult hood I became homeless a couple of times but now in my late 20's I'm finally grounded in my career and living situation.

Generally, from what I've read having the moon in the third house makes for an interesting life which has been true for me. I've also read that it makes absorbing information very easy. I learn things quickly and have been told that I'm gifted with language learning. I think I'm a bit stubborn as well and a perfectionist which probably accelerates learning. I think I'm able to mimic people very well- maybe that also is connected to mars in Gemini.

Also, neighbors tend to be tied to the third house. I've always had strange relationships with neighbors. I'm a flirty person without meaning to be. I flirt with everyone, honestly! I think it has given neighbors the impression that I'm interested in something romantic. This has created some very awkward situations especially when one of the men was married. I don't know if it's the third house moon or what. I now have a very firm boundary of not chit-chatting with neighbors to avoid any drama.

I've read that moon in the third house makes a person gifted in the arts. I'm a full time artist.

I'll attach my chart if it helps at all.
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I can see a Pisces Moon in the 3H absorbing everything in it's environment.
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