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Re: I lost my hair!


So quick disclaimer, I'm not as familiar with interpreting horary charts as some of the other astrologers here, and thus I hope someone else can confirm or deny my conclusions!

For starters, I'm really sorry to hear about your situation. As a woman, I understand how that can be emotionally painful and I hope your hair transplant is a success.

What bothers me about the chart is that you are Neptune in Pisces in the 12th, strong in it's own house and sign, but weakened because it is retrograde. Because the hair transplant is a medical procedure and the hair issue itself is being talked about from a medical standpoint, I think it is represented by the 6th house. This seems to make sense because ruler of the 6th is Leo -- which rules hair because lion's are known for their thick manes. The ruler of the 6th is in the 6th. It conjucts Venus, which represents aesthetics, and it positively aspects Jupiter, but Jupiter (planet of luck and success) squares Neptune (you) and Moon (co-ruler).

I think that means it will not be successful, although maybe Neptune retrograde means you may simply have to undergo the procedure again and that it will be more successful the second time around. In my opinion, go through with the procedure if you feel it is necessary and see for yourself how successful it will or will not be. Good luck!

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