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Re: Champions League Final Match : Real Madrid vs Liverpool

Originally Posted by Azif View Post
Hello Ehab Atari. Didn't see your request before; nevertheless, and for future analysis, I leave you the link from where I made my prediction. (you can see it here, posted yesterday:

Or pasted below:

"My prediction for UCL 2018 Final. Kiev, UT 18:45

Draw indicators: AVERAGE. Moon in Fall; Jupiter and Mercury (R1 and R7) in Fixed and Succedent Angles.

Real Madrid/Jupiter: VERY STRONG. optimism/enthusiasm; advancement; good fortune and popularity; geniusness;

Liverpool/Mercury: WEAK. intelligence; invention; duality (of play); entertainment; unrealistic plans; thoughtlessness; easily influenced.

Prediction: REAL MADRID TO WIN. Although we have some potential draw indicators, it seems like Liverpool won't be capable of going into extra-time. The "heavy metal" playing style of the Reds shall not be tuned (unrealism) and they might suffer from their attacking-style DNA.Real shall solve the match in the 90', not easily, but with their individualities' skills. Ronaldo will probably not make a good match, but he might score. Salah shall feel the "weight of the world" on his shoulders, and will probably not play as usual. It shall be a very entertaining match, but Real has it all to remain victorious."

And a post-match analysis:

"Real Madrid 3-1 Liverpool. Final score.

There was geniousness on the match (Bale);
Obviously good fortune and popularity; also advancement;
Individualities solved the match (Bale and, through misterious ways, "Karius" Benzema);
Ronaldo made a poor match but did not score.

Salah really suffered the world on his shoulders...particularly on the left one;
Until 30 minutes, they were dominating Real; after that, and excepting the period after Benzema's goal, they were dominated (dualism);
A torment named Karius (thoughtlessness);
But they played an entertaining match though.

So, the prediction was correct (...)"

Hope this helps, even in retrospective.
Thanks for your message.
How did you mention the strength Jupiter and Merc ? How you weighted the draw as well?

Ehab Atari
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