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Originally Posted by EhabAtari View Post
One more thing, I was looking into Liverpool website and I am copying what I found in the timeline:

"Liverpool Football Club is formed

June 3

On March 15, 1892, John Houlding famously broke from the board of Everton to form a new club - Liverpool FC. The club was formally recognized by the Board of Trade on June 3, making it our official birthday."

So I think the foundation date was 3rd June 1892
Does your astrological software have the following feature?

If so, you can test key players and of course managers profile for this week (Accident proneness, Imagination Confusion, Athletic Performance, Drive Ambition Work, Good Luck Optimism, Mental Acuity, etc). You just have to make a progressed chart using a day for a year, and VOILA!!!

I have used this feature and it works, though I always used it with mortal people... I wonder how much very important and successful people are affected by progressions and transits.
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