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Re: Champions League Final Match : Real Madrid vs Liverpool

Upon finding out that Liverpool's actual date of birth is 28 March 1892, as told by @werdhr12 and this blog post about Liverpool FC.

I have reanalysed their prospects.

Liverpool - 2005

Mercury trine Saturn
Jupiter trine Pluto
Uranus sextile Mars
Neptune square NN (separated)
Jupiter opposite Sun (separated)

Liverpool - 2018

Sun conjunct Neptune/Pluto
Venus square Sun
Venus opposite Mars
Mars square Uranus
Saturn conjunct Mars (separating)
Uranus conjunct Mercury
North Node square Moon
Winer square Jupiter
Victory conjunct Winer

Mars/Jupiter Midpoint - 21 Aqua
Jupiter/Pluto Midpoint - 5 Taurus


If this is there true birth date; then their prospects are greater than previously suggested. They have the asteroid Victory conjunct their natal Winer; (Just like Atletico Madrid having Victory conjunct Moon); North Node is also square their natal Moon; perhaps suggestive of this game being the build up to something.

Real Madrid's prospects look half decent too with the Jupiter transits.

You know what; I am going to change my decision and not analyse this anymore. I will give them confidence that Liverpool can win the Champions League.

If they don't win it; then it's simply because Real Madrid's Jupiter transits worked; but hey let's see.
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