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Re: Missing Dog - Is He Alive?

Originally Posted by summer92 View Post
I'm asking on behalf of my mother who has been worried sick about one of the dogs at her temple who has gone missing for three weeks. she;s; hoping he's not dead (hes 7 years old), and he was a sweet boy who we all loved a lot. we tried adopting him but we have a little boy ourselves who doesnt like other dogs, so we didnt adopt brownie as they got aggressive near each other.

the chart doesn't look that bad to me, and the moon and saturn will meet in 14 units. moon (the dog) is weak [ 6th house in cancer, cancer significator is moon]. my mother suspects some evil people tried to get rid of him

can anyone see anything here that shows a positive or negative outcome? the question was asked by my mother.
The dog Moon has just separate from square to Sun, so I think he got into some trouble about 1,5 units or so ago. But Moon is angular no essential dignity. Moon in triplicity of Sun so perhaps someone the dog knew.

Angularity is good, hopefully means he is still ok. There is aspect to ASC and to ASC ruler, this may mean he will return.

all the best!
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