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Re: Him and I

Originally Posted by summer92 View Post
hes not mr right I know that I think I bombed it by letting him know at some point this wont work long term

he had trust issues - made me delete boys on my phone, got insecure if I was around male company or anything like that. spoke about me to his family within 2 weeks.

I liked besides all of that because when we had a good time it was really good
He is no prince by the sound of it...What you mention above is a red flag to me. Making you delete other peoples numbers just a few weeks into relationship? Thats called manipulation, people like that slowly isolate their partner from family, friends and social events...anything that might be a threat to him and your relationship. yeah he seems very insecure....I think you already intuitively know he may not be right for you.

Honestly, there is no reception. Lack of reception in relationship questions should not be overlooked.
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