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Re: Him and I

@Tikana, i actually do think its worth noting that we are in eclipse month. Its good for the querent to know whats coming up within days of this horary chart. Besides all that pisces activity is exactly where the quesited in heading into, would be interesting to know how it manifest in time. Im sorry you dont like what I write, but its really not meant for you, its an answer meant for the Original poster, just like your quick short answers and observations belong to you and if people agree or disagree, whether you are right or wrong, tough! Live and learn! Let and let live and leave people to freely express their own judgements without any worries that someone will bully them into telling them that their opinions are not valid.

Mars will slow down and station before he turns retrograde, and he does so in sag. he turns at 9 sag, but he starts to slow down way before then as he enters his shadow, which is about a month from now and he re enters scorpio, meaning she goes back to where she is now, a place which venus doesnt like, the querent would know best what that means in her situation.
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