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Re: Him and I

Originally Posted by Doodleloo View Post
The last chart was so good and nothing happened. This one isn't as good, so maybe opposites are a thing and something might occur??

Hope everything works out.

Maybe the charts aren't valid. LOL (It sounds funny but is really not)

Serious comment:
We have to be very careful in the way we ask an horary question. I can say by experience that Horary has "some accuracy" when it is used in a proper way, but if not, it can be quite tricky and even dangerous.

Really really the more I use it and the more I study horary, the less I rely on it. I can say horary accuracy is 50% and only tells about the CURRENT circumstances, definitely not more than a month or when the querent changes its destiny.

Sorry I told this in the horary section. This phrase -The last chart was so good and nothing happened.- made me think quite a lot, plus my own experience with horary.

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