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Re: Him and I

Originally Posted by rafaella View Post
Hey Summer,

good to hear from you!

I had a quick look, the reception is lacking here. Venus in Aqua is in its own term, no interest in Mars (you). Mars in detriment of Venus, so yes you've hurt him, your view of him is somehow negative. Mars is strong in its own sign, perhaps you came off too strong and negative towards him. Mercury is separating from Venus, but will translate between the two significators. Mercury, what it is, not sure, contact between you perhaps?

Moon is also applying Venus. So there is something developing, but lack of reception shows there may not be that 'glue' to make it work. But there is aspect, so opportunity is there, Mars changes sign and will not be as negative towards Venus, so hopefully, ou've learned from your mistake.

This could still be a relationship but whether its longterm...I don't know.

all the best!

hey rafaella - nice to hear from you too

my view of him in the long term is negative and there's always something at the back of my mind that I can do better - but over the past even ive fell for him - more than I should have.

we're meeting on Monday as he's left his stuff here. we're meeting for a drink and I might try to reconcile as I do want to know if there's something more but im not hopeful.

I made the stupid mistake of seeing my ex one day after breaking up since I was crying and he seems to be very angry at the news.

I'd do anything to get him back but seems like theres no return
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