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Him and I

A few weeks ago I met a guy and we started seeing each other. We're very different in terms of social classes (which shouldn't matter), education etc and want different stuff in life. We started seeing eachother and it got very intense - we would be with each other all the time etc. I said a few things that hurt him (he has very low self esteem and depression and my behaviour didn't help).

I really want him back and will do anything to do that. He seems like hes not good enough for me etc.

My state is explained
1) Mars in Scorpio but in the 1st; and the Moon in the 8th
2) venus in the 11th ; in his 5th. I know sex is the last thing on his mind as he's been a gentleman etc.
3) I'm meeting him on Monday to try work things out but he thinks there's no going back

Everything was going well. We were really into eachother and spent every minute and day either with each other in person or in each others company.

The mercury would be his ex girlfriend - he was seeing her before me and he ended things in a similar fashion (first time dating a scorpio and I know I can't place importance on sun signs, but god).

Just out of nowhere after telling me hes crazy about me, ends things after a few hours. I'm so hurt as I really liked him.

there's no point of connection between venus and mars - it seems like it wont work out, the moon will meet venus but there's zero reception

is there any way this will work? I'm devastated
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