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Re: Throw me out from the university?

I am inclined to agree with Tikana.

Saturn rules the ascendant and is for the querent (you) as well as the ascendant and the Moon.

Saturn is in the 9th house, which rules higher education and shows the concern of the querent for this question. This gives validity to the chart and gives us confidence in what it has to say.

The 9th house is rules by Mars and Mars is moving to a conjunction with Saturn. But this is a more sober and reflective Scorpio Mars, not a firey Aries Mars, and Mars is well dignified in its own house and sign. This is not a malefic Mars.

That you are in trouble there is no doubt. Saturn is square the ascendant and the Moon is conjunct the South node. Not good. But the Moon is trine to the Sun and the Part of Fortune is trine to the ascendant, so the chart has a generally optimistic feel about it.

I suspect the university authorities will give you a 'carpeting', but you will not be thrown out. Saturn is in a fixed sign, after all.
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