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Re: the worst synastry aspects ?

His to mine:
Uranus opposite Venus taurus (5degrees orb)
Uranus square DC aquarius (7degrees orb)
Uranus trine Jupiter pisces (7th!)
Saturn trine Sun
Saturn trine Mars
Saturn opposite Jupiter
Saturn square Saturn
Saturn sextile Pluto
Saturn square Chiron

Mine to his:
Uranus trine Mercury
Uranus trine Mars
Uranus trine Venus
Uranus sextile Pluto
Uranus conjunct Neptune
Saturn trine Jupiter

So lots of Uranus versus Saturn! But his Uranus to my planets rather negative and my Uranus to his planets only positive aspects..
So who is the one who is rather affected by the negative side of Uranus?

And does Saturns strength into the relationship 'beats' Uranus' inpredictability?
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